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New Car Loans

We have super special rates for people buying new cars Australia wide!

Buying from a dealer

Don't pay huge finance rates, get organised before you go and pay less!

Buying Privately

Follow our super simple process to ensure you pay the lowest rates possible.

Beep Car Loans: 1300 889 669

Contact Beep today to get access to our panel of lenders who have low car loan rates which are fixed for the entire loan, quick online approvals.

We can assist you with car finance for private car sales as well as car finance even if you are buying a new or used car from a car dealer.

For ABN holders we can access a wide range of different products including a fuel card which tracks your spending so you don't have to keep all your receipts! What are you waiting for? Simply phone us today on 1300 889 669 to get your free pre-approval!

Our Financiers

Buying a car is an exciting time... (We recently Featured on 7's Today Tonight!!!)

We know just how exciting it is to be buying a car and at Beep we can make the process really simple for you. Our consultants are expertly trained on all types of car finance to ensure they offer you the best possible solutions. They will work with our panel of lenders to assist you with a car loan rate that is acceptable to you, as well as ensuring you understand and are kept up to date throughout the entire car loans process. We invite you to get a quote on your next car loan by contacting us on 1300 889 669.

Why use beep? strives towards having the best customer service in the Car Loans industry. We train our team to be extraordinary, we believe going "above and beyond" to be our minimum standard and the countless testimonials we receive each week from our satisfied customers supports this. This is one of the reasons we have so many fans on Facebook

So for fast approvals, competitive fixed interest rates for the term of your car loan from our panel of Australian Car Financiers, call us today on 1300 889 669

What's involved in the process of getting a car loan?

As you a borrowing a large amount of money you will need to submit an application for the financiers to approve you as well as providing your driver's licence (for identification) and two recent payslips (to show proof of earnings). Our expertly trained consultants can take your application from you over the phone or alternatively you can complete it online in your own time.

Once you are approved for car finance (which usually takes around 24 hours) the next thing to do is find your next car (in case you haven't already done so!). Whether you are buying privately or from a dealer the process is really easy and our consultants will work with the seller to get all the relevant information in order to provide you with your finance documentation.

Last but not least, sign the contracts and certify your identification and return these to us and we will complete your car loan and generally on the same day you will be driving away in your new car. It's that simple.

We're open from 8am-7pm as well as being available on Saturdays and we have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. If you're the kind of person who likes to deal with a big safe company whilst getting the best possible one-on-one service, contact us today